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Terms of Use

You must read carefully and accept these terms before using the services offered in this web.

YOU (the user) will avoid doing all kind of actions that can mean any kind of damage to this web and/or to the rest of the users of the services offered. In case of none, fulfillment of any of the previous obligations, Developers4Web will keep the rights of deny the access to the offered services.


Statistics will reserve the unilateral right of suspending, temporarily or finishing the services offered through this web.


The user will not facilitate the use of his own password/username/password to thirds. It is a responsibility of the user to protect and actualize carefully the passwords. For a better security we recommend the user not to use the same word as username and as password.

Developer4Web is not responsible in any case of the possible damages or benefits no obtained for the user, produced as a consequence of the lost or substation of password/username or its utilization for a third person.

Developers4Web will reserve the right to modified unilaterally and in any moment the system of user access to the portal.

Register of the third users sites.

If the Internet of registering of a third user is detected, without the consent of these persons or something that can affect the statistics of other users. Developers4Web will reserve the right of removing the subscription in this case without o previous advice.


We do not accept sites that promote violence, racism, xenophobia, offenses or other them detected in the moment of registration. In that case, Statistics will reserve the right of removing the subscription without a previous advice.

Exemption of responsibility for the functioning of the web site.

Developers4Web do not guarantee the web site functions constant, thrust worthy and correctly, without interruptions and retarding. So, it is not responsible of the damages which may come of possible fails in available and technical continuity of the service.

Developers4Web is not responsible for any damage/benefit not obtained for the user or any other third person who are affected as a consequence of any circumstance of major force, fail or mistake in the communication lines or a defect prestation of the service or fail in the Internet Network.

Developers4Web do not guarantee that the contents given by the users be according to the law, moral, good fey and/or good manners or not containing any kind of mistake, according to this, Developers4Web is not responsible for any damage / injury or benefit not obtained for the user or any other third person, injured as a consequence of them.

Developers4Web will not be responsible for any damages/injury/or benefit not obtained by the user or any other third person caused directly or indirectly for the connection or utilization or access to Web Site or engaged pages not being as well responsible for any damage, injury or benefit no obtained by the user or any other third person for the following causes:

  • Not correct function, defects, fails or damage caused in whole or in parts to the hardware or the software of the user.
  • The lost, alteration and/or damage in whole or in parts on the information contained in magnetically support, disks, tapes, diskettes, and others or by the introductions of informatics virus or variations or no wished alterations above all the information, documents, files, database, hardware and/or software.

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