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Frecuently Asked Questions

  • Should I paste the tracking code on all pages or only on the home page?

    You must paste the tracking code in all pages that you want to track the web stats. Usually you need to paste the code on all your pages.

  • How can I paste the tracking code on my web ?

    We can assist you for free. Just contact us.

  • I like to modify the code before paste on my web. Can I ?

    You can make changes if you mantain the functionality of course. You can contact us if have any doubt.

  • Cost of this stats service ?

    Our service is cost effective, just us$29.99 per year. This fee allow us to maintain the stats service running distributed on two powerful servers, this one where you log in and see your reports, and another server to track the stats and feed the reports.

  • There are security risks ?

    No, the service we offer you is remotely hosted, without risks to your own servers.

  • This service will make slower my web ?

    No, since this is a remotely hosted service, our stats service does not affect your web server and site performance. You can use it without performance risks.

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