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Web Stats Service

We offer you a detailed and web stats with the following advantages:
  • Detailed report of visits to your web, in real time.
  • Comprehensible Web Stats, easy to understand.
  • You don't need to download any program or install anything on your PC.
  • You only need to register, and paste a couple of lines on your web site, and immediately you will start receiving web stats for your site.
  • We don't need personal information, just your username(email), password and the web site to track statistics.
  • Any doubt ?  We can offer you a personalized assistance.
  • Your web stats can be public or private.
  • This service runs distributed on two powerful servers, this one where you login in and see the reports and another server to track the stats and feed the reports.
  • First month Free, test our service for free.
  • Cost effective service, just us$29.99 per year.

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