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Privacy Policy

Information Kept

For statistic is important to keep as small number of data of the user for the services offered; and is also needs to keep the access data to web after that it is necessary to do a statistic pursuit in order to give the reports.


The data of the users, registered through the form at the web location are taken for Developers4Web with the finality of giving the service through www.developers4web.com

Veracity of the data

The user guarantee that personal data given to Developers4Web are true and it makes responsible of the communication of any modification to the system.

Consent of the user

The sending of personal data by the using of formulary online or E-mail messages suppose the consent of the sender to the automatized treatment of the data included in the communication way indicate a well as the electronical sending with the information about our services.

Right of access, rectification, position and cancellation of the users

The user will be able to practice his access right, rectification, opposition, cancellation to the treatment of his personal data, so, he can use the contact formulary present in this web or sending and E-mail to stats + [arroba] + developers4web.com


Developers4Web keep security an protection of the personal data an it has established use the technical ways to avoid loosing, bad use, alteration, not authorized access and robber ring of the data, the user have given trough the web site as well as to inform him that security measurements at Internet could fail.

Cookies and techniques de "spamming"

The user consent about the use de cookies with the finality of propitiates his navigation through the different pages of the web site and to be able to keep a personalized session.

Developers4Web doesn't use spamming techniques and it only will treat the data that the user transmits by the electronical formulary contained in this web site or E-mail messages.

Modification of the present privacy policy

Developers4Web keep the right of modifying the present politician, by previous information to the users about the changes could have happen in it.

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